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Duration : 3 years Qualification : Plus two & Above Electronic tax filing is generally simpler than filing a paper return. When you file electronically, you don't have to print paper forms, find envelopes or purchase postage: Everything necessary to file a return can be done at a computer. Electronic tax filing software provides step-by-step guidance that helps you include all necessary tax information, which may reduce the need to pay for professional tax help. E-filers can choose to directly deposit refunds in up to three financial accounts. E-filing offers greater speed and accuracy than paper filing. It takes time for physical forms to travel through the mail system, and they take longer for the government to process. According to, electronic returns are typically processed within 24-to-48 hours of submission and tax refunds are usually received in about 14 days, while it can take up to six weeks to get a refund when filing a paper return. Electronic filing also tends to increase tax return accuracy, since tax filing software automatically performs basic arithmetic, reducing the likelihood of human error. Each online tax filing program may have different compatibility requirements and technological issues. You need access to a computer with Internet access and web browser that is compatible with your desired tax filing software to file an electronic return. Filers who are not technologically savvy may find electronic tax filing software and submission to be more confusing than paper filing.

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